What Is Causing Your Back Pain?

Even if you have a bulging disc, that does not mean you have pain.  You can have a bulging disc with no pain at all and you can have back pain with no bulging discs with severe back pain.  It can be difficult to determine for sure if you have a bulging disc, however you […] more

Ice Therapy?

It is common to have ice therapy recommended to you.  The theory is that if you have an inflammation, you should use ice to cool it off. Actually, a lot of current research indicates that your body has a rebound effect when you use ice.  It uses inflammation to heal you.  If you try to fight that by superficially cooling […] more

How Glucosamine Sulfate Can Heal Your Bulging Disc

If you have a disc that is bulging, you have inflammation and tissue damage.  You have to rebuild the connective tissue.  That is, the joint tissue that cushions your bones in your back. Glucosamine can be very effective to rejuvenate your discs and all joint tissue in your body.  This is what your body uses […] more

Surgery for Bulging Discs

I am by no means an expert on surgery.  Admittedly, I only see patients whose surgery has failed them.  Here is what I know. If you have a disc problem, try natural remedies like glucosamine, bromelain andstretching first.  Often surgery does not solve your problem.  If your back pain is caused by tight muscles, how can surgery help that? Even […] more